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Mastering your Silhouette with Sheri Twing


Hello everyone! I'm Sheri from  I’m so excited to be guesting today. I will be sharing a couple of video tutorials on using your Silhouette software. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say they have a Silhouette but it’s been in the box for two months or that they have one and have no idea how to use it!

I just want to issue a disclaimer before we begin…I do not consider myself to be a pro at the Silhouette or to know everything about it. I am simply sharing my way of doing things. Now I’m sure you may find other ways to get the final outcome but I’m sharing what I’ve learned, either through classes or just frustration of trial and error. ☺ 

Now that that is out of the way, let’s move on!  My goal today is just give you two, yes just TWO, basic tutorials that will hopefully help get your Silhouette out of the box and get you started creating. 

Busted Sheri Twing

The first video is on welding letters. This photo shows a title using welded letters. For some reason, this is one thing that so many people want to know how to do, yet it is probably one of the easiest things to do. This is a process that once you learn, you will wonder why you never tried it before. Here is the video. 


So now that you know how to weld letters, I wanted to share a second tutorial with you on manipulating cut files. When you download a cut file design, you don’t have to use it just as it is. You can manipulate it, cut it apart, extract only one image from it, etc. There is no limit to the use you can get out of your cut files. 

YouandMe Sheri TwingThis is a layout I created for The Cut Shoppe recently. On this layout, you can see the half circle heart image.  I’m going to show you how to cut down files and take them apart to get only the portion that you want to cut.  Like I said before, I’m sure there are other ways to accomplish this but I’m going to share with you how I have learned. I hope you find it helpful!

Here’s the video:


I hope you have found these tutorials helpful and found at least something you can take and use to help in your Silhouette software. Like I said, there are so many classes and so many instructors with as many ways to get things done. I have found by taking bits and pieces from each one and then just getting in the software and playing on my own is the best way to learn. 

Thank you again, Cara, for allowing me to guest today! 

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About Sheri 
My name is Sheri but all my nieces and nephews call me Aunt Re Re so that is where my blog name comes from.  A little about me....I love all things paper! I am primarily a scrapbooker but I love anything to do with stationary, paper, planners, pens, etc! So you never know what you might find on my blog. I do love mixed media, and I am also a Project Lifer and love documenting my family's everyday life.  Come take a look around my blog and I invite you to visit my You Tube channel, AuntREcREates.