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Scrapbooking, Planning and Papercrafting in the Summertime


I'm not sure about you, but I tend to have less time to play with paper in the summer.  The desire is still there, there are tonnes of photos that I'm taking and dying to scrabook.  I have lots of activities planned that I'd like to put in my memory planner and I just plain want to play with paper and glue!  But, with 6 children at home, travel, the heat (I get heat stroke really easily) and just being outside of the house more (and therefore not my studio :P) there doesn't seeem to be a lot of time for me to 'play'.  

Here a few tips that I have learned over the years to help me curb my paper cravings by actually playing... just in a different way.  

I fit it in when I can! 

1.  When I travel, I take a small kit of supplies with me, pocket cards, journaling cards, adheasive, pens etc so that I can play whenever and where ever I can.

2. When the kids are in the yard playing I can pull up to our patio table and play. I can keep an eye on them, they know I'm there, but I can craft at the same time.

3. I minimise when it comes to planning.  I use a take along memory keeper that can slip in and out of my cake dori very easily plus one of my moleskine notebooks as my planner and that's it!

4.  For my memory planner during travelling, I take just the pages from the days that I will be gone so that I can journal on the go without having to drag the whole book with me.

5. I use a take along memory keeper to journal and collect ideas, memorabilia and memories as they happen so that when I have time come fall, it's all ready and together and waiting.

I did a periscope talking all about this!  Are you on periscope?  OMG it's my new favourite thing!  It's so much fun and I love to connect with people and share my favourtie tips and tricks in a new and exciting way.  So pop over please, so we can chat.  Here's the replay, but if you are reading this before Saturday morning (in north America) you can probably catch the replay on periscope itself here.

I've got another 5 tips to help you scrap faster and more efficiently :D  So you can get more done when you do actually get a minute or two to sit down with your new favourite patterned or that kit that just arrived in the mail.

1.  Know your style.  Now I know that's a loaded sentence, but if you even have an idea of what your style is then you are better able to stick to it.  Sticking to your own style will not only speed up your process but it will make it easier as well.

2.  Scraplift yourself.  Or someone else.  Scraplifting takes the decision making out of the equation and so everything goes a lot faster.

3.  Don't try new things.  If you don't have a lot of time, the best thing is to not waste it by trying to learn something new.  Stick to somehing you know so that you'll be more apt to come away with something to show for your efforts.  Save the new techniques for the winter months when you have more time.

4.  15 minutes here 10 minutes there.  Don't think that you need to have a 2 hour block set aside to get some scrapbooking done.  I get the bulk of my papercrafting done in the 'in betweens'.  If I see I have a small block of time I sneak in there and push some things around ;)

5.  Put a limit on yourself.  A limit is another way to take the decision out of your process.  We tend to waste a lot of time making a decision so with limited choices the decision will come much quicker.   Now you could do many different types of limits but two that I like to do are limiting time ('I'll have xyz done in x amount of time') and limiting supplies (a kit, or I'll only take out the first thing that I find that 'might' work).

Again, I have a scope about this!  Here's the replay, but please come and catch me live sometime.  We have so much fun and I share lots of tips for papercrafting, (scrapbooking and planning), tours of my studio every Saturday.  Come sign up if you aren't already, look for @caravincens and pop into the comments.  Ask any questions you like in the comments below this and I may just do a scope about it!!