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True Scrap PlannerLove! Eeeeeeeee!


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I'm so stinkin excited to tell you that I'll be teaching at the True Scrap PlannerLove event on September 19! If you've never heard of True Scrap before, it's a live online event with lots of classes with fantastic teachers.  The students can interact with the teachers in an online chat and the whole thing is just a big ball of fun!!

This True Scrap is all about PLANNERS!!  Yay!  

You will learn all about the ins and outs of the planner world and the day will be full of lots of fun ways to decorate your planner.  My friend Connie is also teaching, Eeeeeee! And she'll be here on the blog early on in September, so watch for that.

My take on planners is that it's your minion. It's supposed to work for you and you aren't supposed to adapt your habits and ways to satisfy a thing made of paper that was designed by someone else with their own habits in mind.  In true keeping, my class will be all about hacking your current planner to make it work better for you!


Have I got your attention?  Awesome!! Hop on over and get yourself on the early bird list!  Right now the price is only $29 for the whole frickin' day! Regular price is $99 and that's what people not on th eearly bird list will pay. You really don't want to miss out because it's gonna be a load of fun ;) There's never been a True Scrap event priced so low!  And you can only get this $29 price if you are signed up for the list, so there's nothing to lose by signing up.  


This link will also tell you more about the day and the other teachers.  Can't wait! Hope to see you there :)

I'm working hard on getting my class ready for you!!

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