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Last Chance to spend a whole day dedicated to the love of Planners!

Calling all planner girls!



Are you new to the planner craze? Or maybe you are looking for some creative ideas to spruce up your planner or calendar, either way True Scrap Plannerlove is for you.

My friend Lain Ehmann of True Scrap asked me to join five other leaders from the planning community teach you in classes like Planner 101, Planner as a Memory Keeper, Planning on the Go and more. I’ll be teaching you papercrafting hacks to get your planner to work better for YOU, and I'm so excited! You know how I love to help you make your planner your minion and work for you!

True Scrap Plannerlove is a one-day, online, LIVE event on September 19th. All six classes will come to YOU via the magic of the Internet in a state-of-the-art web room. You’ll watch the class demonstrations, chat with the instructors and other students and leave with more planner ideas than you can ever use — all without leaving your house.  No worries if you can't make it live all the recordings are included in your enrolment :D

But, here's the only problem...

The web room is almost full!  So if you want in, you need to act fast and to make the decision even easier for you, there's a coupon code!!  

NOREGRETS Use it to get $50 off, so you only pay $49 yay!  

Can't beat that! It means that with 6 classes, they are only about $8 each.

TSPL cara circle last chance

You’ll learn from planner experts such as Vienna Ortiz, Judy Lam, Rachel Park, Connie Hanks, Florence Antonette, and me! And rumor has it that Cori the Reset Girl may drop in and show us some peeks in her own personal planner.

Are you looking for something new to do with the papercrafting supplies you already have on-hand? Pull out your planner (haha!) and mark down September 19th.

Sign up today
and I’ll see you there!