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5 surprising questions you never thought to ask yourself before buying your next planner

There are soooo many gorgeous planners out there tempting and whispering our names, asking us to buy them.  Wanting us to kiss them and squeeze them and call them George.


But, we can't have them all! 

So, how do we choose?

It's not easy, it's more than just whether or not we can afford it or need it or even want it. Even when we get a wonderful planner that works for us - gives us planner peace, even - there is still no guarantee that it's all glitter and rainbow stickers from here on out.

New planners are constantly being released and we will be tempted, enticed and planner friends will gently enable us to buy the latest and greatest.

How do we choose? (click to tweet)

I have 5 questions you can ask yourself before you head out to drive 45 minutes to the Kate Spade outlet or hit that tempting 'add to bag' button on that pretty new Kikki K in their online shop.

These surprising questions will help narrow down your choices and get you adding coffee cup stickers and floral washi to your pretty new planner that works for you! 

ONE. What is your main purpose for buying this planner?  
Do you want it to plan in or to decorate?  Either answer is correct, and you can say both! You just need to know which it is for you. If you want to plan in it, then you need the pages to be laid out in a way that works with your brain. It's so important to consider the way you think and organise yourself, so that you can be as organised as possible with this planner.  

TWO. Where will this planner live?
You need to have room for it, not only standing on a shelf, but opened up, lying flat when you are using it.  This will help you decide if the size is right for you.  Do you have the flat surface space?  Will it fit in your purse?  Also consider that if you leave it out on a counter, it will spur you to use it, check it and build the habit of using it.  Hidden on a shelf, it may be forgotten.

THREE. Do you like the layouts of the pages?
If you are going to decorate it, do you have stickers that will fit? If you are planning in it, is there enough room to write and plan? Do you prefer a horizontal layout or veritcal?  A whole day on a page? or a week or a month?  If you don't know the answers, that's okay!  Find a similar layout on a printable page and give that a go for a few weeks and you'll know.

FOUR. How sturdy does the cover need to be?  
Will you carry it everywhere?  Will it have to stand up to a lot? Or will the cover not get a lot of wear and tear? What are you using it for?  Do you prefer a cover with that becomes gently worn, loved in? or would you rather it stay pristine?  Your answers will help you decide just how hearty and strong your cover needs to be.

FIVE. Do you LOVE it?  
It needs to be pretty!  You will look at this day in and day out.  If you don't love it absolutely then you won't use it as much and you will be less organised.

Are you intrigued, confused, enlightened?  Haha! The way our planners work for us are as unique as we are.  Our needs dictate the way they must work for us so it is not an easy decision to take on a new planner!  But, it doesn't have to be boring or hard, it can be FUN!

In my planner class, Practically Perfect Planners, I help you decide what planner (or planners) is right for you.  First we figure out how you need a planner to work for you and then, and only then do we buy.  Come join us! Class started Monday, but you can still join. But HURRY!  Registration closes tomorrow and it's the last session until Spring 2016. Don't miss out!

Practically Perfect Planners


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