Making Manly Plans
Are you letting Summer pass right on by?

Do you even remember the Resolutions you made in January?

Planner Girl Cara here today, reporting for duty to help keep you organised and motivated!

Is any one else asking themselves how the heck it’s July already?

We are half way through 2016?!??! What?

I usually take a look back at the end of every month to see what I’ve done towards the goals I’ve set for myself. The end of June marks the halfway point so it’s even more important that I check in with my progress.


Like most people I set resolutions in January, but unlike most people I have a plan attached to those resolutions. And at the end of each month I review my progress on my goals for the year. Who says you have to accomplish it all by January 15th! I give myself the whole year.

If you haven't even thought of your resolutions since that second when you laid your list down next to your mug of cocoa near the fire on January first, then, either dig that list back out or make a new one. Resolutions don't have to wait until January 1. The calendar holds no magic powers and by flipping over from December 31 to January 1 you will not become Super-Producto Girl possessing the oh-so-sought-after super power to get it all done! ;) You need to do the work, love, if you want to make those resoultions a reality. Start today by making a list and a commitment to yourself to plan the steps into your planner. Review often and adjust your plans as necessary. If you'd like more info on how to do this, stay tuned!! My newest class from Big Picture Classes is due out really soon and I teach you how to Plan Your Dreams!

I did a scope last week to review June and 2016 so far, so feel free to watch the replay.  If you aren't on periscope yet, hop on over and watch a few, there are so many planner girls!

Here is my monthly spread for June now that the month is just about over and the days are all filled in, reflecting what our lives were like in this season of our bustling family.  


My spread for this week makes me giddy just looking at it and this is before the pen! I took some of my favourite bits from the June Hip Kit club kits and made myself a ‘happy’!


I hope that the first half of your year has been wonderful! Let’s plan the second half to be AWESOME!!

Happy Planning!