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Stop Wasting Money on Planner Clips when you can Make Your Own from your Stash!

Hello, my name is Cara and I am addicted to making planner clips!

I don’t know how I got this way, but here I am and I think I have a problem! Now, mind you it’s a cute and very fun problem to have, so I’m not complaining at all!


I can really and truly make a clip out of just about anything. When I go through my supplies or get a new Hip Kit package, I go through it, and the first thing I ask myself is, ‘what can I make a clip with?’ :D

The best thing about clips is that they add personality to your planner, not only when it is open flat on your desk, but also when it’s closed up. So you can always see the clip and it will always make you smile! I absolutely love catching a glimpse of my planner in my purse and seeing a sassy little clip sticking out. I admit that I may be showing off just a little when I whip out my wallet (that doubles as a planner) in all it’s spunky glory.


People probably don’t often get to see the inside of your planner, so having clips that you can see from the outside can reflect your personality and maybe start up a conversation :D Who knows you may persuade someone to start decorating their planner!

For lots of tips and tutorials on how to make planner clips check out my latest class at Big Picture Classes.  There are 6 lessons jam packed with dozens of planner clips for you to try!

PLANNER CLIPS at Big Picture Classes


have a fantastic day

PS. Coming August First! My newest class at Big Picture Classes ‘Plan your Dreams’ takes you through how to dream big and then make those dreams come true! I help you dig deep and find out what your true dreams really are, you may be surprised with yourself :D Stay tuned!!