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The story of how one of My DREAMS came True


It all started as a 'wouldn't that be nice' kind of thought that I really didn't think of as something that I could do. It was like a fleeting thought more than anything.

But, as time passed and I got a bit more organised and saw my talents grow, I realised that 'hey, maybe I could do this after all'. Still a bit of a flitty thought,  but now it was all covered in glitter and shining appeal.

Then I realised I COULD do it!

I just needed to let other people know. No one was going to go searching around looking for me, they didn't know I was here. I needed to go to them. I needed to do the work, to prove that I could do this.  

First, I wrote it down.

This changed the flitty, sparkly thing in to a tangable thing, that I could see... still a dream, mind you, but a dream within reach.

Then I set a goal.

Then I mapped out what I needed to do to get there. I didn't know every step of the way just yet, but I wrote down the first few that I knew I needed to tackle and I got to work. And I worked hard! And it paid off!

Want to know what that dream was? 


Teaching a class at Big Picture Classes :D

Now, here I am with 4 classses under my belt and 2 more in the works before the end of the year! 

Everyone says 'If I can do it, then so can anyone!' which just goes to show that EVERYONE doubts themselves and their dreams. I think that's part of the process, but if you have a dream, you should go for it!

You can follow the steps above to make those dreams come true but, my forth class, PLAN YOUR DREAMS, is all about helping people find their own dreams and planning them out so that they can come true!! Please, join us so that you can share your own success story!

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Happy Planning!