My Dirty Little Christmas Secret
My Secret to Achieving Anything You Want and a Freebie for You!

Your Planning Made Easy with my 40% off Black Friday Sale

To many Americans the arrival of Thanksgiving means that Christmas is not far behind and it’s time to start preparing, NOW!  Things are getting real, people! Everyone is starting to get plan (read: panic!). 

Now, as a Canadian, I must say ‘Silly Americans, Thanksgiving was in October!!’  ;)


All joking aside, Christians around the world are starting to get ready for the holidays! It’s so much fun! but there is soooo much to do. 

Since it's Black Friday, I’m going to help you with your Christmas planning with a big fat sale!! 40% off to be exact!

I’ve got happy little hand drawn printable stickers to help decorate your planner. Three different sets. They will spruce up your pages, sprinkled in amongst the tasks and to-do’s, cheering you on and invoking the Christmas spirit.



There are also 3 designs of printable Christmas cards. I’ve done most of the work for you, you just print, sign and you are good to go! I’ve made it so easy for you!

Cara cover image-2

While you are there, don't forget the printable gift tags!

But, to make it a no brainer for you, I’m having a 40% off sale. Simply pop over to my Etsy shop and use the code: black40 and then have fun!

Happy Planning!!