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Wishing you a Very Molly Jolly Christmas

Free Planner Printable to Keep You 'Calm and Bright' this Crazy Holiday Season

Are you hanging in there?
How are your Christmas plans coming along?


It really is hard to keep cool during the busy-ness of the holiday season. Us ladies are in full on action mode the second Halloween is over, getting ready for Christmas. We are buying, wrapping, crafting, baking, decorating, cooking, shopping, entertaining, packing, driving, cleaning, mailing and that is only what's on the to-do this for this morning! ;) 

So how are you really getting along with your Christmas preparations?

Are you stressed, or on top of things?

Would you like some help?

There is always sooo much to do and never enough time or help. However, it is possible to be able to enjoy the season at the same time.  If things are getting pretty hairy and your shoulders are permanently up around your ears, then try this. Stop... take a deep breathe and let those shoulders relax.

I've got a freebie here that will help you. 


Put the kettle on, print it out and sit down with your favourite hot drink and fill it out. The questions will help you figure out your game plan so that these last days until Christmas will go much smoother and you'll be less stressed.  

Click Here to Get the Handout

If you need more help, check out my class at Big Picture Classes.

Happy Planning and enjoy your Christmas preparations!