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I often get compliments and questions about my brush lettering. I'm not a pro by any stretch of the imagination. There a lot of very talented ladies out there that can do magic with their writing. I do, however, feel like I am finally happy with my progress. It took a long time to get here, and a lot of practice.

I learned pretty much everything I know from Olivia from Random Olive


She has a fantastic Brush Letter Practice Guide that I practiced over and over, watching her on IG and periscope, practicing the tips she shared. 

Now, I am far from being an expert like Olivia. However, it simply comes down to learning the how-to, then PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE, as with anything that you want to improve. And I've gotten to the point where I've practiced enough that I am generally happy with what I'm creating. My kids love for me to write their names and their friends' names in my 'special writing'. Or course, I am still making mistakes and there is always room for improvement. With Olivia's help, though, I am proud of what I can do now.

Olivia has generously created an exclusive free printable traceable practice page for you with one of my very own quotes!


Pop your name and email in the boxes below to get your very own copy to practice with.

 Print off as many as you like and practice practice, practice. Please tag me @caravincens and Olivia @randomolive on IG so we can see what you've done with it. 

These pratice sheets not only helped me improve my brush lettering, but having the letters to follow gave me confidence. I was able to nail the lettering a lot eaier than if I was winging it on a blank sheet of paper.


After practicing with Olivia's sheets, I was able to tackle the blank page. I then scanned it, shrunk it down and made a dashboard from it :D


What will you do will you do with yours?