13 Ways to Know if Your Planner is the Right Planner For You
A Planner Girl's Adventure in Scrapbookland

Find Your Perfect Planner and Achieve Planner Peace


Finding Your Perfect Planner

I've got quite a few posts on my little blog now about the wonderful world of planners, and I thought I'd do a round up of all those posts that can help you find your perfect planner and get it working perfectly for you. I would like for this post to be a reference or expert planner directory for you so that when you need to find just the right solution for your situation, you can find it easily. You may not need all (or any) of these posts today, but keep scrolling! There may be something you like today and all the links may very well come in handy in the future. Feel free to book mark this post and even note the web address (http://bit.ly/hootdirectory) in the back of of your planner! Share it with your friends as well:

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Remember that even it you've found your perfect planner, things change. Life situations, daily routines and seasonal changes can impose some planner tweaking or even a complete change, so your perfect planner today may very well be frustrating you 6 months from now, or maybe it will continue to serve you well for years to come.  Maybe it was perfect for you 6 months ago and now it's just not serving you as well as it once had been.

Last week I gave you a quiz to find out if your planner is lacking in it's service to you. If you missed it, go ahead and take it now, I'll wait...

13 Ways to Know if Your Planner is the Right Planner For You

Here's another cheeky little quiz:

Find out if you are Planning the Correct Way?

If these quizzes or even your own intuition tell you that something needs changing, the following planner series can help you decide what would work in your planner. If you've been a planner girl for a while, don't shy away from the term 'newbie'! These are the basics, but if you are changing things, then sometimes it's great to get a review!

Newbie Planner Girls START HERE!!
OMG Where do I Start? Planner Series: Choosing a Binding
OMG Where do I Start? Planner Series: What SIZE to choose
OMG Where do I Start? Planner Series: What Inserts do I Use?  
OMG Where do I Start? Planner Series: 4 things to do Before you Buy All the Things!
OMG Where do I Start? Planner Series: How to Make Multiple Planners Work

And if you're new to the Planner World and would like a free (and pretty) Planner Newbie Cheat Sheet with some of the definitions of those terms and acronyms that seem so foreign to you, but everyone else seems to know what they mean, then just click here:

Planner Newbie Cheat Sheet

I also have a class specifically to help newbie planner girls get started in this slightly overwhelming but fantastic planner world. Click here for more information:

I'm a Planner Noob! Now What?

If you find out that you are a traveller's notebook kind of girl, here's a fabulous tutorial for making TN inserts. Making them yourself allows you the flexibility of choosing paper quality, lines, dots or whatever your fancy, not to mention book size!

A Simple Insert or Booklet Tutorial for You



Tips to make the best of your planner once you find the perfect one

Once you've settled on a planner set up that seems to be working rather well for you, it's time to tackle the more in depth skills of organisation. Try these posts to improve your system.

A planner is made from paper and it should be your slave not the other way around. If you are feeling like a slave to your planner, here are some hacks to make your current planner work better for you:
Perfect Planner Hacks to make Your Planner Work Better for You Now!

The Secret to Successful Planning and Why I HATE It!
here's a little more on that topic:
Do you even remember the Resolutions you made in January?

And here are lots more posts to keep you on your toes and on top of things!
My Dirty Little Planner Secret
7 Steps to Create a Morning Routine that is Peaceful, Powerful and Perfect for YOU
Where will you be in 2018? How to get where you want to be.
The Biggest Secret to Achieving Your Goals in 2017
6 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Goals Top of Mind
How to feel CALM, not stressed, no matter how busy you are.




Planning your Dreams

“Dreams is full of mystery and magic . . . . Do not try to understand them.” the BFG

Everyone has dreams and goals they want to achieve and I believe they need to be worked towards daily. They have a place in your planner right along side the dentist appointments and grocery lists. This is the juicy bits of life, working toward something that means something special to you and makes you happy. Happy, not only when you achieve that dream but also every little step you need to take along the way.

This is my favourite section, planning your dreams!

Where Your Dreams are Born and Grow into Goals

The story of how one of My DREAMS came True

If you don't know where to start, if you don't even know what your big dreams are, then start with this post:

Start the New Year off on the Right Foot with a Free Goal printable



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