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How to Have Your Perfect Summer

Ahh summer! Those lazy, hazy, crazy days.


Actually, I find this phrase very fitting, because once school lets out, I get into a groove of lazing about, feeling free after that last frenzied rush of parties and end of year festivities that always fills my planner to bursting at the end of school term. I throw all semblances of a schedule out of the window, tired of it's confining structure after a long school year, settling into a bout of blissful laziness.

Those hazy summer days call to me, telling me to relax and enjoy. I have earned it after all. The end of the school year is always so busy and I deserve a break. While, all this may be true, I find that if I take this 'break' too far, I can end up whiling away my summer and before I know it, school is about to start again and nothing is ready! No supplies purchased, and worst of all we didn't hit any of the fun things we set out to do at the beginning of the summer. We rush around in a crazy effort to fit in at least one or two activities, all the while getting things prepped for school. However, most items on our Summer Bucket List remain unchecked off.


Whether you have school children or not, I'm sure you can recognise this behaviour in yourself during your summer holidays.

Now, I know 'Planning Your Summer' sounds completely insane. It's the opposite of what you're supposed to do. All year long, we need to rush about, sticking to schedules, and yet summer is supposed to be the more lax time of year, laid back and mellow.

Laura Vanderkam has this to say about it, in her book I Know How She Does It:

"While planning leisure time seems like a contradiction, we have a tendency to do things that we plan... Overcoming that initial resistance to planning can massively increase the amount of fun in your life."


I'm not saying that every moment has to be planned out and that your summer days need to be as structured as the rest of the year. It's simply that if you plan for activities to happen on specific days  they are much more likely to happen than if you just casually say 'Oh we should take a day trip to the lake sometime before school starts'.

Let me help you Plan your Summer!

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