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Come plan the second half of 2017 with me - Summer Goals

I'm a planner girl, I love a good list and getting organised actually makes me giddy, so planning for my goals for the rest of the year should get me excited too, right? Yah, but it usually doesn't.

However! Once I finish, I always feel fantastic, I've got a plan, I've got a purpose and that motivates me! So let's get to it!


The most important part is to start with what I know is coming, what I need to do and what I already have lined up for myself. Then, I will have a better picture of the time and energy I will have left. This really helps to decide what I want to do versus what is possible for me to do in the coming months.  So let's break this down by month with some of my favourties, lists!!

end of school activities
sports camp
hockey camp
music camp

trip to Canada (YAY!!)
next Big Picture class due

Hot French hubby's birthday
Back to School( for a mama of 6, this is a BIG deal with lots to do - check out my class Plan Your Back to School, coming Aug 15 to Big Picture Classes!)
Geekling 3's birthday

Flow with Intention
Father's day (remember I live in Luxembourg)

Christmas prep
Geekling 6's birthday
Geeklette's birthday

Christmas prep
Canary Island trip 

I know that fall is always a busy time for me, Back to School and Christmas ALWAYS take more out of me than I think it will, so I try to keep anything extra to a minimum. We are away for most of the summer this year, so if I'm being honest with myself, to keep myself sane, I will not add any new projects to my plate for the rest of the year and just hack away at the things that I am currently working on and expanding these lists. Christmas prep, for example, needs a whole planner of its own (check out my class, Plan Your Christmas, at Big Picture for more info on that). I need to pack for 8 people, buy and send 40000 gifts, take a unique photo (I need to outdo my photo from last year and the year before and the year before that!)

Christmas card 2016
Christmas card 2016
Christmas card 2016
Christmas20132014 is still my favourite!

I love making my own cards and I make about 110 or so Christmas cards and need to address and send those. I want to make T-shirts for all 27 cousins like I did a few years back.


Knowing all this in advance helps me soooo much! I know what else I need to do and what else I can take on.. I know how to better arrange my time to make life run more smoothly. I know that I can buy all my gifts for my Canadian relatives and leave them in Canada when I go home this August (I do that every year I go home). I can start those T-shirts now, at least asking my sisters-in-law their children's sizes and ordering the shirts. Doing things now, when things are relatively calm, versus in the midst of the Christmas crazy, makes Christmas actually enjoyable for me. 


So as I look at this list, I can make my plans for the gaps (not many in the next 6 months) and make sure that life is do-able. It's important to move forward and set goals for yourself, but you have to be able to get some sleep too! Knowing what's coming will let you know how much, or how little, you can add in.

22-Tip-inAll goodies for this planner spread are from the May kits from the Hip Kit Club. You can see how I put the tip-in together in the video below.