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Teach your Children how to be Organised


I always simply assumed that because being organised was something that came naturally to me and was something that has always made me giddy, that my children would be the same way. The thought never even crossed my mind that I would have to TEACH them how to be organised!

Some of you may have children that are just naturally organised, but by estimating how many adults need guidance in becoming organised, I think it's safe to say that more kids than not need to be taught how to do it.


Here are some simple first steps that you can take to begin teaching you child to become organised.

  • Give them a planner
    Don't just hand it to them, however, take the time to show them how it works. Tell them to write down EVERYTHING, check it often and cross or check things off as they make progress.  Do it with them for a week or so, check that they are writing down everything and help establish the habit of checking to see what homework, projects etc they have to do.

  • Teach them how to set intermediary deadlines for bigger projects. Procrastination is everyone's worst enemy and I feel like a lot of us have a natual tendancy to leave things to the last minute. Teach your children that working away at a larger project little by little makes the task easier and there's no big stressful push the night before it's due. Encourage them to do some work on an up coming project when when they have spare time. This teaches them not to leave things to the last minute.

  • Set a schedule for homework. When children know what's coming next there are less questions and protests. Also knowing when homework time is, allows them to ease in to work mode more easily and settle into their studies faster.

  • Have them tidy their room everyday. Putting away the day's toys, books and little 'treasures' that children seem to accumulate, prevents things from getting too messy and getting to the point where the job of tidying becomes overwhelming.


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If your child is crafty, watch this video together and help him/her to decorate their planner. It will motivate them to use it.


Happy Planning!