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I remember it so well, they are some of my favourite memories of childhood. Each year, my mom would gather up my school supply list and me and we'd set off just the two of us. Getting one on one time with my mom didn't happen too often with 5 children in the family. So it was a very special treat for me. We would find all my supplies for school and then we would shop for clothes. Most often it would be Woolworth's (which then became Zellars) and afterwards we'd stop at a little restaurant famous for their carrot cake and a fortifying cup of tea for my mom.

There was still one more stop. 

Before we'd head home, we'd often stop at my Aunt Sally's. Mom would get to have a chat with her sister (I'm sure she was glad of it after arguing over clothes with her pre-teen daughter) and my aunt would demand that I try on each and every new outfit and would make a huge fuss over how great I looked in each one. I felt so special, so loved. 


3O years later.

These memories still lived strong in my heart. They were fabulous days, but in all honestly, I had never thought of doing them with my own geeklings, it was simply easier to take their supply list, go to the store alone and to purchase their new clothes on line.

Then, along came Stacy Julian. The AMAZING Stacy Julian. I want to BE Stacy Julian when I grow up. Or Molly Weasley, I'll take either :D

Stacy posted that she was taking her children on school supply shopping trip, just like my mom did! She sparked a little fire under me, but I still didn't plan those trips. 

Why not?

Well, because, I guess I've already said it, I really didn't PLAN it out.

That's right, me, planner girl extraordinaire, didn't think to plan this special moment with my children. Actually, I never really thought about it that way. 

I tried, I really did, but with 6 geeklings and an 8 week vacation and being gone for most of those weeks, it's not as easy as you might think!


Last year, when school has only just finished, I decided I would plan those school shopping trips with my children. I wrote them in on the calendar! We weren't going to be home much, so that first date, with geekling 5 was only a week or so into the summer holiday!

With each child, I headed off, school list in hand, my own list of the other things they needed (of course I made a list) and we got as much crossed off as we could. Then we went to lunch, just the two of us, they chose the resturant. There was also a lot of Pokémon hunting since it was so popular and brand new last summer.


Now that the new school year is looming close, why not plan a date with each of your children. Grab your planner and schedule it in right now. 

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Happy Planning!