How to 'PLAN' for Creativity
Pinch Me!! My PlannerCon Europe Dream

PaperHouse, Gillio and Erin Condren Oh My!!


I am such a lucky planner girl!

I am teaching workshops for PaperHouse at PlannerCon Europe this weekend in Belgium!

I loved planning these 2 workshops so much and now, I get to plan everything else for my trip to Brussels. I've got a very detailed packing list, my itinerary is planned to the minute and the hotel is booked. My entire weekend is going to be amazing!

If you are going, I'd love to see you, please come on up and say hello. Of course come to my workshops too, all workshops are included in the entry price and I'm teaching PLAN YOUR CHRISTMAS Saturday at noon and PLAN YOUR DREAMS Sunday at 4pm, the very last workshop so make sure you stay for it, it's my favourite class that I teach.


If you aren't going, I will really miss you, I wish all my planner friends could be there :D But, for those of you not going, these classes are the live versions of my Big Picture Classes workshops, so pop on over there and you can follow along. 

Plan Your Christmas

Plan Your Dreams

For those of you who can't come, I've got a treat for you! I've added my Christmas printables back into my Etsy shop and they are all 50% off, for limited time! Simply use the code CHRISTMAS at the checkout.