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How to 'PLAN' for Creativity

People Will be Begging You to Organise their Next Event!

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You know those parties and events that you go to and everything is amazing? It runs so smoothly, in fact, that you don't even think about all the work behind it because everything just seems so effortless. Well, that's due to excellent planning! I have a new class, Plan Your Next Event at Big Picture Classes that will teach you how to pull off an event like that, too! You'll be congratulated for your organizing and coordinating skills, and you'll leave your event proud of a job well done!

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Planning and preparing for a big event or a project can be overwhelmingly daunting! There are a lot of moving pieces. There's so much to do and prepare. Where on earth do you even begin?

I'm a mama to six, so there's been no shortage of events and parties that I've needed to plan. Since I've planned many an event and project and I've got it down to a science now, I'm going to share my magical scientific formula here with you in my new class with Big Picture Classes.

Follow the steps in the lessons in my class and people will be begging you to organise their next event!

Don't let planning a big event or project overwhelm you again! In Plan Your Next Event, I share my time-tested method for organising and implementing a process to make event planning simple and easy. Set up a dedicated event planner to get yourself organised, map out and categorize your to-dos to stay focused, and create a calendar with deadlines along the way to make sure everything gets done on time. Plus, get tonnes of tips for decorating and customising your planner to stay motivated and inspired! At the end of this class, your event guests will be begging you to plan their next event! 

Pop on over right now and check it out: PLAN YOUR NEXT EVENT!

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