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I'm Sharing My 2018 Planner Line-Up with You!

I could get by with just the one planner, but hey, where's the fun in that?! Instead, I'm using a few planners to spice things up and to make this wonderful hobby of ours a little more fun. Oh and of course, to keep me organised!


 Let's start with my Main Planner, my workhorse, my unicorn of perfection, my planner! It is a Tardis after all, so it's bigger on the inside. It's a traveler's notebook, which suits this lefty to a T and I can add as many inserts in it as I need and it'll take them! For now though, I have 3, a bullet journal, my Commit30 planner and a lined Erin Condren notebook that I'm using to plan my next class. Why am I babbling on? Just hit play on the video below and see for yourself!!

 I've been super happy with my planner setup for quite a while now. But, this year I've changed up the planners that I'm using. Mostly because I went to PlannerCon Europe in October. I can't resist buying pretty new planners, but some were free gifts!

So besides keeping things fun, what am I using the other planners for you ask? They help me track my habits, plan social media and have a family calendar on hand while on the go. Let's have a look at these other planners, shall we?

My favourite planner after the Tardis is my Leuchtturm1917. It was a free gift from Leuchtturm at PlannerCon and I love it so much that I wanted to FIND (or even create) a reason to use it. So I swapped out the plain notebook I had been using to draft blog posts for this book. Yes, I'm old school! I can't think in front of a blank computer screen, but a blank page of a notebook works for me. I can use the Leuchtturm to plan out when the blog posts will go live in it's calendar section of the book and then reference the page number where I've written the draft. They've even got a little spot for that. So smart! 
My favourite part though, is the tracking section. I write in what I want to track and colour in the squares as I do the tasks I'm tracking. I add more details in the calendar along side the blog post titles. I love coming and filling in what I accomplished each day. It's very satisfying!
You can get a peek at it in this video:


Next up is my Erin Condren Life planner I bought it at PlannerCon. It's bound, which is better for this lefty. I'm using it to plan social media posts and eventhough I haven't found my rhythm with this planner yet, I really love it. I'm working on making a habit out of using this planner!

I've had my Gillio Mia Cara since last Christmas and it's first role is my wallet, but I also copy all of my family's appointments and activities into it, so that when I'm at the doctor's office, or somewhere similar, and I need to make an appointment, I don't need to bring the entire wall calendar with me!


 I'm adding a bonus planner! I just started with this planner last week. It's a Carpe Diem Traveler's Notebook that I bought at (yup, you guessed it!) PlannerCon. I love it! It's pretty and practically. I had put it on my shelf with my other pretty planners, to wait until a need for a planner arose. Well, last week that reason showed up! I needed a place to brainstorm and draft ideas for my YouTube videos. I went to the shelf and this one seemed perfect. The inserts are simply lined or dotted, perfect for my needs.

Well, there you have it, that's how I stay organised and to be completely honest, it also keeps me sane!! Let me know in the comments what planner(s) you are using this year.