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Fall in Love with Planning all Over Again - Rediscover Your Favourite Hobby

Whether you are a minimal maven or you have so many stickers on your planner that you can barely see the appointments written in, it's all perfect! Why do you love planning? Because it's pretty? Because it keeps you organised?  Or a little of both? Every reason is a good reason, anything that makes you happy is a good reason!

Whatever your reason, we've all chosen paper planners as our hobby and we prefer to use a paper planner over the free, albeit plain and boring, one that comes with our phone. We've all chosen paper planners for as many unique reasons as we are unique. Maybe it's for a creative outlet, or we think, create and work better when we put pen (and stickers) to paper. Or maybe it's because we became so sick and tired from the incessant beeping and vibrating from our phones that an analogue system seemed to offer some peace.

But does it really? Do you have a peaceful planning system? For me, paper planners are more peaceful than my phone. Relying on my phone and it's alarms stress me out. However, there seems to be different sources of stress when it comes to paper planners! We feel like we need to plan the 'right' way (whatever that is), we feel that we NEED to find the 'perfect' planner, and have it yesterday! We feel that our planner needs to look Instagram worthy every week. And then we become so overwhelmed by all the planners, products, and stickers that we own and have no where to store them. That's a lot to stress over for something that's supposed to make you happy! You are supposed to be in LOVE with you hobby after all. 

So I've put together the guide below to help relieve some of that stress, to help you enjoy it more and maybe rekindle your love for this hobby if it's gone a little stale.  I've sorted through my past blog posts, videos and classes and pulled them together in a way to create this guide for you. So you can Fall in LOVE with Planning all over again!


Your Guide to Rediscovering Your LOVE for Planning

Finding the Perfect Planner:

I don't think that there is only ONE perfect planner for each of us. Actually I know that there isn't. I believe that there are many different planners that you can use successfully and any one of those options will make you happy and keep you organised. So how do you find one of the many 'right' planners for you? Read through some of the blog posts in this section of the guide to help.

5 Surprising Questions You Never Thought to ask Yourself Before Buying Your Next Planner

13 Ways to Know if Your Planner is the Right Planner For You

Perfect Planner Hacks to make Your Planner Work Better for You Now! this one has a video too!



Staying Organised:

Of course, the main purpose of having a planner is to stay organised, whether or not that's your main purpose is another story! It's perfectly fine if you just want to play with stickers! However, if you would like tips on staying organised read the blog posts linked bel

Find out if you are Planning the Correct Way?

24 Ways to Stay Organised

The Secret to Successful Planning and Why I HATE It!


Beginner to Planner Girl:

If you are new to all this, I know how completely overwhelming it can be! There are so many different things to discover and terms to learn. It is incredibly fun, so don't let the details get in your way. Pop on over to this blog post: 

Newbie Planner Girls Start HERE! 6 tips for you

There's even a CHEAT SHEET!!

Then continue on with this blog series, called OMG! Where do I start?

OMG Where do I Start? Planner Series: Choosing a Binding
OMG Where do I Start? Planner Series: What SIZE to choose
OMG Where do I Start? Planner Series: What inserts to choose
OMG Where do I Start? Planner Series: How to Make Multiple Planners Work

OMG Where do I Start? Planner Series: 4 things to do Before you Buy All the Things!



Ah, the fun bit!! Well I guess every part of planning is fun for me, but then again, I'm odd and I know not everyone gets giddy over the organisation part of it!

Here's a few of my favourite projects in videos and blog posts:

Shake it Off! A Shaker Dashboard Tutorial!

Get the Look! 5 Planner Styles You Can Copy Today



I even have an entire class at Big Picture Classes dedicated to making planner clips, check it out:

Planner Clips

I've got a new YouTube video up with 21 ways to use Washi in Your Planner and there is even a free printable checklist so you can keep the list of all 21 ways on hand or even add it to your planner.

FREE Printable Checklist 


With any hobby comes the task of sorting and organsing and storing all the supplies you want, ahem 'need'. If you want some inspiration to help with your planner supply organisation, this video gives you a tour of my craft room.


 If you remember one thing from this blog today, let it be this: It's your planner, it's your hobby and it's supposed to make you happy. It's a space where you can enjoy some of your free time. There's no guilt, no stress and no shame. It's a book, made out of paper who's job is to give you feel joy and make you feel like you've got this thing called life under control!