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How I am Using Multiple Planners | My Planners 2018

I use MANY planners, and I LOVE using many planners, because I love planners and the more the merrier! There's no reason for them to be sitting on my shelf when I can be putting them to good use. Some say that you can have too many planners, and maybe that's true but I use 5-6 and it's working for me for the moment.


That said I have one very big rule when it comes to what I use those planners for. Here's a blurb from an older blog post that I wrote about using multiple planners:

I highly suggest keeping all the scheduled things in one planner or calendar, appointments, practices… anything that has a fixed time. You can duplicate specific schedules in other planners, but keeping one master schedule in ONE place minimises any double bookings.  Otherwise things could get really messy! 

I've got some great tips over on that post for using multiple planners, so check it out:

How to Make Multiple Planners Work

Including this tip:

Maybe you simply have ‘Shiny Object’ syndrome like many other planner girls (raising hand) and want a collection of planners, and every time a company comes out with a new style you have to have it. If this is you, consider using covers/binders that you can change out, not unlike how we women swap out our bags and purses. You can continue to use the same inserts, just make sure that each new planner you add to your collection can house your planner contents and they are easily switch-out-able ;)

 I've also made this video that gives you the run down of my planners for 2018. I also show you how I store all my planners. Hit play and enjoy!