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5 Strange and New Ways to Get Motivated

IMG_6583Planner, stickers and washi by Paper House Productions 

I'm sure at one time when you've been in a rut, you've googled how to get motivated and have come up with the usual list of things that people will tell you to do. If you have googled it, you probably got things like; put on some upbeat music (which I admit is my favourite go to for motivation), make a vision board or create a rewards system. These are fantastic ideas but sometimes you may need a bit more of a push. Especially if you've used these methods before. 

I've got 5 different ways for you to light that fire under your bottom to get moving, either towards your goals are just to get a dreaded task crossed off of your to-do list:

1. Spring Clean Your Studio or Crafty Space
I used to think cleaning, instead of getting right into tackling my to-do list, was just procrastination. Lately, I've been noticing that other creatives are cleaning before they create and I realised that every time I clean my space, I'm very motivated afterwards and jump right in and get crafty. So, it really is a double win, you get a tidy studio plus the extra motivation. I've got a great video tour of my Craft Room here to give you some inspiration to tidy.

2. Pop in to Social Media
Yes, yes, I know! Social media is the best way to procrastinate and to get completely unmotivated! It's also a great resource for accountibility. By letting everyone know what you plan to do, you will feel a big pull to get it done before someone comes asking you about your progress. As long as you aren't scrolling for hours, social media can be a great motivational tool. You could do a series of Stories on Instgram, Facebook or Snapchat reporting in on your progress. This could be a daily gym selfie, a snap of the day's progress on your painting or an hourly report of your closet decluttering. The possibilities are endless.

3. Look Back at Your Progress
We are usually so fixed on what we have to do, the things left on our to-do list and all the tasks that didn't get done today, that we rarely take the time to look back and really look at how far we've come. Take a minute today to look at the progress that you have made towards your goals, celebrate the goals that you have achieved and be proud of yourself. Scroll back through your own older Facebook or Instagram photos to see what you've accomplished, I bet that you will find projects that you've forgotten that you've completed.

4. Go for a Run (or Brisk Walk) Outside
Exercise is known to release tension and stress and it will put you in a good mood. Make sure you skip the treadmill and get outside, even if it's cold or raining. Nature clears your brain and stimulates your mind and creativity. You will come back refreshed and motivated to work. Fresh air does a world of good, especially these days when most of us spend so much time in front of a screen.

IMG_6582Planner, stickers and washi by Paper House Productions

5. Pretend it's Spring
Right now it's supposed to be springtime in the northern hemisphere. Flowers are supposed to be blooming, the birds are supposed to be singing. This year however, a lot of places seem to be stuck in winter, there may be some daffodils and birds, but snow and bitter temperatures are right along with them. If you are in the southern hemisphere or reading this at another time of the year you can follow this tip as well.
Spring is incredibly motivating, everything out of doors seems to be very busy, growing and recharging after a long winter. Some natural instinct in us picks up on all this activity and we get to work as well. It's one of the reasons we spring clean. 
If it is not Spring-like where you are, do your best to make it seem like spring. You can buy some flowers (tulips or daffodils are perfect if they are available), have some birdsong playing from YouTube, or I'm sure there's an app for that. And of course, you can decorate your planner for spring, like I did in the video below. Be sure to use lots of butterflies and flowers! I love these stickers by Paper House.