I Always Want to Skip THIS and I'm Always Glad I Don't
All the Lists I have in My Bullet Journal and Ideas for Yours

How Many Lists do You have Scribbled on the Backs of Envelopes and Napkins?


Do you have lists upon lists on Post-its® and the backs of envelopes? Project ideas, shopping lists, and spur-of-the-moment ideas that don't have a place in your day-to-day planner?

I used to, and they were cluttering up my kitchen counter, falling on the floor and generally just getting on my nerves! These scraps of paper needed a HOME!


I've got a fabulous solution for you to give your homeless but important things a home - and you'll get creative doing it! I've got a new class coming soon to Big Picture Classes called Creative Lists for Planners where I share how I created space for my lists and found a way to express my creativity, experiment with new ideas, and capture and preserve the memories of my everyday life at the same time - and how you can too!

I'll guide you through setting up your own list book, ideas of topics to list or track, techniques for making it your own with your favourite supplies, and tips for keeping it going and keeping it fun! Add a little more organisation and craftiness to your otherwise boring lists with Creative Lists for Planners!


This class will be available next Monday, but in the meantime, I hope you've enjoyed these little sneak peeks. As well, I've got a video for you with a quick project to get you ready for class. It's a little pocket folder where you can collect those bits of paper until class begins! See you on Monday!

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