How Many Lists do You have Scribbled on the Backs of Envelopes and Napkins?
Creative Lists for Planners - How to Make it Your Own

All the Lists I have in My Bullet Journal and Ideas for Yours

Last week I shared my book I created to give all my random scraps a home. You know those little pieces of paper with lists and notes and bits of inspiration.  They were written down on whatever paper I had to hand, torn bits of notebooks, backs of envelopes or receipts. There were stickers and business cards that I wanted to keep too. I kept them all in a pile on top of my planner or tucked into the back cover (this was way before decorative planners, so mine had no pocket). Neither spot was ideal, they would slide off the planner onto the floor or fall out of the back cover almost every time I picked it up. 


So I created a book where I could write in all these lists and notes, stick in the stickers and cards and my children would even draw pictures in it for me.  I simply called it my Book of Lists, and now it's evolved into Creative Lists for Planners.

I created a new class at Big Picture Classes to help you create a book like this. It's called Creative Lists for Planners.

This class is full to the brim with ideas and inspiration! You'll learn how to set up your own List Book, I'll give you ideas on what to add, what to list out and things to track. There are fun projects for you to try and I've got video tutorials on how to make it your own with paper, paint and, the planner girls's favourite, WASHI and more. I've also got tips and tricks for you to keep it going and keep it fun. 


As a sneak peek today, here's a 'list of the lists' (and everything else) that I'm keeping in my current Creative List book:

  • A List of Big Dreams
    Summer Dreams and To-Do's

    Books I've Read in 2017
    A Running List of the Books I'm Reading in 2018
    A List of Big Projects
    My Morning Routine

    A List of the Ways I Relax
    Summer Vacation Papercrafting Projects
    A Spread from a Class I Taught at Studio Calico
    A Motivational Spread
    Back To School To-Do's
    Back to School Shopping Trip Memories
    My Children's Sizes
    Home Renovation Projects and Shopping List
    Lists of Lists and Tracking Ideas and Other Fun Things I can add to my Book.

You can see all these page in action in the video below! Watch me flip through it and get a better understanding of what one of these books could be. Take an idea that you see and love and try a page today!

In this photo, you can get a few more ideas of the types of things that you can add besides lists and tracking.


My book has evolved from a simple pencil scratched notebook of lists and notes, with things stuck into it, into a fully decorated book that makes me so happy when I look through it. You can find a style and method that works for you an do any variation you'd like. Make your book as unique as you are and really have fun with it!

Click here to learn more about my class, Creative Lists for Planners. Big Picture Classes is a membership site, if you do not have a membership, you can take a free 2 week trial, which is just enough time for you to take in all the content in the class. 

See you in class!!