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Creative Lists for Planners - How to Make it Your Own

Taking a new class is always fun, but sometimes it can be a bit daunting to then try and figure out how to put your own individual spin on things. To be able to take the lessons and techniques you've learned and incorporate your own style and personality is a whole other level of creativity.


I've been talking about my super cool Creative List for Planners class a lot recently, in it I help you create a wonderful book for all your random lists and bits of info that don't have a home in your regular planner. It's a compliment to your planner system.

I help you out with an entire lesson dedicated to helping you make your List book your own. I teach different background techniques and suggest different ways to decorate your pages with doodles, stickers, washi and other embellishments. There are lots of ideas that may appeal to you more than what you see in the my examples, something other than my style.

This specific lesson includes:

  • 2 video tutorials to add backgrounds to your Creative List Book pages
  • Tips and tricks to make these techniques perfect every time
  • Decorating ideas to make the page you create fit your personality
  • Simple ideas, requiring minimal supplies that you probably already have on hand, yet make a big impact on your pages

Other cool things are included in this class:

  • 10 video tutorials that'll guide you step by step.
  • Directions for setting up and maintaining your own List book
  • Lists of ideas of what to keep in your book
  • Countless ways to add a little more organisation and craftiness to your otherwise boring lists

Click here to check out the class now! If you don't have a Big Picture Classes membership, you can sign up for a free, two week trial. That's just enough time for you to take my class!


If you are in a travelers notebook, or simply want to keep your List book in a notebook, then you can fully customise your inserts (or that notebook). In this week's YouTube video, I'm giving you an inside look at one of the video tutorials from my class. It steps out what you need to do to make (and customise) an insert for your TN. Grab your favourite papers and hit play!