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My Favourite Planner Clips and How to Make Them

Planner clips are a fun and fast way to make your planner look more decorated - instantly! I really enjoy making my own. The clips here are some of my favourites and I thought I'd teach you how to make them.

The first is a quick and easy - but oh so fab - clip. All you need to do is punch a chipboard piece out of the packaging, all the while keeping the backing intact and stuck to the back of the chipboard piece. If you peel back just enough of the backing, you can squeeze in a little bit of hot glue and push a clip in between and presto!

Hop-sneakthis fab clip was made with chipboard from Simple Stories's crafty Girl collection

A bit of warning, these aren't the heartiest of clips, the backing can be a bit slick, so the hot glue can pop off. It's fine for me as I don't use them outside the house, so they aren't getting knocked around in my bag. I'm careful when I do use them at home, but I've still had to do a bit of re-glueing. Still they are fast, simple and fabulous!

This next one is bang on trend! I was prompted by my latest Get it Scrapped assignment to borrow this look from home decor. You can see that post HERE. You can mimic this trend and add a dipped look to any of your clips!


For a complete tutorial for this clip, grab your favourite embellishment, some paint and hit play on the video:

This last clip is also a quick one, all you need is a wool ball, your craft knife and a glue gun. Slice a short but deep slit in your wool ball and make sure your clip will fit before going onto the next step. Pinch the ends of the cut to open the slit and slowly squeeze a small amount of hot glue into the hole. Then quickly add your clip and you're done!

For more tips and tutorials, I've got an entire class at Big Picture Classes, called Planner Clips! Pop on over there: 

Planner Clips!