10 Ways to Create Habits That Really do Stick
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28 Habits of Successful People

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Last week I gave you a list of 10 ways to create habits that stick. Now, I've got some ideas for you on what habits you can start creating!

First though, let's talk about the word 'success' for a sec. For me, being successful doesn't only me rich, powerful or famous. For me, the true meaing of success is to be living the life you want and loving it! To be successful is to be truly happy in your life, doing the things you love.

So consider that when you are deciding on what habits you would like to create.

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There is no magic formula! Different habits work better for different people. If you google 'habits for success' you are going to get a large variety of habits and different conbinations of them too. Different habits will have worked differently for the different people who wrote the articles/made the YouTube videos/wrote the books that come up in your google search. You need to choose the habits that work for you and for what you want.

But where to start?

How do you know which habits to choose? I say start with just one. Start with the ONE on this list that jumps out at you the most. Or maybe, as you read the list, you'll get another idea for a different habit that's not even on the list - go for that one! If you've got a few that appeal to you, just pick one. This isn't rocket science, eeny meeny miney mo will work just fine ;)

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Once you get one habit solidified (again see last week's post), then you can start on a second habit, but make sure you give each new habit enough time to really become second nature before adding in a new one to the mix or you risk losing that first habit.

Ok, let's get to the list:

  1. get up early
  2. be a life long learner
  3. read everyday
  4. learn things outside of your general interest
  5. focus on one thing at a time
  6. batch your tasks
  7. journal everyday
  8. write down your dreams
  9. turn those dreams into goals
  10. exercise on a regular basis
  11. feel the fear but do it anyway
  12. put your phone down
  13. know that you will fail
  14. be persisitant
  15. surround yourself with happy, glass-half-full friends
  16. stay organised
  17. pay attention to the details
  18. be grateful
  19. have a morning routine
  20. know how to say NO
  21. be adaptable
  22. plan!
  23. look for the beauty in everything
  24. meditate
  25. go outside everyday
  26. have music in your life
  27. keep your stress levels down
  28. do work that you love

If you'd like more details on each of these 28 habits watch this week's video below. I go into some of the habits that I find difficult and I have a challenge for you!


Let me know in the comments below the ONE habit from this list that you are going to start with.