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Habit Tracker Ideas to Get You Started Tracking!

As we get closer to another new month, it's a great time to think about a new habit to track in July. 


Trackers are everywhere, there are coloured ones, shaped ones, daily ones, water trackers shaped as water bottles - you can track just about anything in just about any way you'd like. Fun shaped and intricately designed trackers are trending in bullet journalling right now and it's not just for fun! Don't pass this off as just another trend, use habit trackers to really improve your life by adding in new habits to you daily routine. Habit trackers are a fab way to make new habits stick. Tracking can really help you to get motivated when you're just not feeling it and to really make progress towards your goal. They motivate and encourage, when you see your progress and success there in full colour it gives you a boost to continue. It's like that gold star stickers for adults. Hey, why not use gold star stickers as your tracker :D

It seems everyone is tracking their water intake and exercise, but there are so many things that you could be tracking. Two weeks ago, I gave you a huge list of 28 habits to try. Pick one of those and start tracking. However, if these habits are all new to you, I actually DON'T suggest that you start there! It would be incredibly satisfying and motivating to track a habit that you are already doing on a regular basis. Pick one or two of these things that you do everyday and start by tracking those. There's not much that can bring you down more than a blank tracker - an everyday reminder that you are not making progress, so be sure to choose something you do often so that you can fill up that tracker!


For June I was following a 100 squat a day challenge with Blogilates but since she was doing it on Instagram Lives at 9am her time, it was 6pm for me, which is time to bathe and feed my children and so I just wasn't able to make it a habit. Since I was tracking the challenge, I could SEE that I wasn't getting them in. If I hadn't been tracking I would have given up, but since I didn't like all those blank square in my tracker, I kept at it. I haven't done it every day, but I've done it a whole lot more than if I wasn't tracking and most importantly, I didn't give up!

We tend to focus on the negative and turn a blind eye to our accomplishments. So make a commitment to yourself to track those little daily wins! If you are having trouble finding a habit that you are already doing, reread or rewatch the list of 28 habits to see if you already have one of those habits down. Those are a bit on the complicated side if you are just starting out, so watch this video for 10 fun and simple habits to track. 

Start slow, don't pick a whole bunch of new habits at once. If you don't go slowly, you will end up disappointed. Focus all your attention on just one new habit and one already established habit to get you started. Then you can add in a new one next month.

I know you are probably thinking that you want to go ahead and jump in with both feet and try all the habits now to make some real progress towards your goals. However, if you do that, you won't be able to give each new habit the focus it needs. You will most likely get frustrated and give up. Or, best case scenario, you do stick it out, but each habit will still be weak, and not really engrained until much later. Which will be pretty much take the same time it would take you if you took it one habit at a time. So you may as well get them engrained in your brain, one by one - so you can really nail that one habit before moving on to the next. They say 3 weeks, but it's best to keep focused on it as you add in a new habit to make sure it's doesn't fall away.

For July, I'm going to add in a new habit that I'm working on. I'm going to try and plan for my day the night before. What about you? Let me know in the comments below what Habit you are going to track for July!