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My Planner Supplies and Sticker Storage System

I've got a lot of pretty planner products. I've gotten supplies by being on teams, I scrapbook, I've got a kit that comes my way every month, and let's be completely honest here, I can't resist pretty washi!! All this pretty stuff could get really overwhelming, but I've got a system. Without this system, my beautiful studio would be in chaos!

If you are overwhelmed by product and planner goodies, follow my system, adapting it to fit your needs. You don't need an entire room. You may only have one cupboard to store you planner goodies. Whatever your storage, you need to keep it organised to keep yourself sane, and your space chaos-free. Try my 6 step system below:

  1. Know how and how often product comes in. Do you shop in spits and spurts? Or do you binge buy every blue moon? Or maybe you have a kit subscription. Knowing when and how things are coming in will dictate how you organise it.

  2. Have a spot for new and exciting products. A basket or drawer of your new, fun goodies will be your first stop when you go to decorate. If they are all in the same place, it will save you time and energy instead of having to root and sort through every thing you own.

  3. Similarly, have a spot for the stickers and things you use on almost every spread.  This will also save you time and energy. Simply having products that you use on a regular basis will also help save you time because it takes the decision out of it.

  4. Know how you look for things as you create. Do you plan with kits? Are you forever looking for just-a-little-something-turquoise? Or a flower? Or pretty icons? Knowing how you look for things will tell you how things should be sorted. If you are often looking for something pink or turquoise etc. then store your goodies by colour. If you need a flower or a bow, then store your things by theme. If, of course, you are decorating by kit, then store by complete kits.

  5. Once things no longer seem new, move them to your regular stash. This could be after your next shopping trip and you need the room for your newest goodies, or when the items in the 'new' basket just don't feel as exciting as when you first bought them.

  6. Have a place for items you are no longer digging. A basket, box or drawer specifically dedicated to things you no longer need or love, will free up space in your storage. When it's full, you can give it away to a planner friend,  a hospital or a pre-school.

In this video, I show you my Alex drawers and give you a peek inside. One of these drawers holds my 'new' things, others hold my products from Carpe Diem and Paper House. Hit play and have a snoop!


This video is from a few months ago, if you haven't seen it yet, I take you on a tour of my craft room! Grab a cup of tea and come on in!