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Teach your Kids to Plan - In Time for Back To School

Back to School time is a really great time to teach children how to plan. Planning is essential to being able to really be successful in school. Young people also need to be able to manage their time to make sure that they are getting their work done. High School and Junior high students need to be able to budget their time so that they get projects in on time and they are keeping up with studying so they aren't left high and dry the night be fore a test or when a project is due. Younger children can get used to planning their day so that it won't be such a big adjustment once they get to Junior High.

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Make sure your child has a planner for school (yay! shopping!!) and make sure it's one that will work for your child's needs. For younger children a dated book to write down their homework is a great start. An older child should have a simple layout but with enough room to write in everything. Of course, some kids will prefer to write it all in their phone, and you maybe screaming inside your head that PAPER IS BETTER! It's ok, take a deep breath and let them use google calendar... sigh. It really will be ok, I promise. People actually stay organised using a digital calendar these days, can you imagine ;) Just make sure that they are actually using this planner (even if it's not really a planner, only paper planners are REAL planners ;D)

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Sit down with your child and teach him or her the basics of planning, working backwards from a deadline to schedule in time to work as well as scheduling work into moments of down time so not to leave every thing to the last moment. 

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Introducing younger child to planning can be a lot of fun, because unlike teens and pre-teens they still really enjoy doing crafts with mom. Let them use some of your stickers, make sure they know which ones they are allowed or you could end up freaking out when you come back from refilling your teacup that your precious child has used/ripped/dirtied stickers from your favourite Etsy seller... you know, that kit that's your favourite that she no longer makes! Anyway, lock up the good stickers or just risk the caffeine headache and skip the second cup of tea :D Or better yet, get them their own stickers!

They can add stickers to their planner pages or simply use old planner stickers to get used to the idea of planning. They could create a memory planner or a bucket list planner, anything just to get them used to the idea.

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In this week's video, I'm planning with my youngest 3 children (couldn't get the teens on video if I paid them!). With my 5 year old, he's basically sticking down all the dino stickers he can find but the other two really get into it! Hide your sacred stickers so your kids don't snag them while you watch, and hit play!