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How to Get Started With a Traveler's Notebook

What is a Traveler's Notebook, anyway?

Traveler's notebooks (or TNs) are an enormous amount of fun and a lot more versatile than you think. Essentially, it's a leather folder with elastics running vertically in the spine so that you can add notebooks. And the whole thing closes up nicely with another elastic. Usually there are pockets on the inside covers, but that's not always the case.


They are a fabulous planner for lefties (like me) and offer a different kind of flexibility than a ringed planner.

Let me explain, because I bet you are thinking that there's no way that it can be as flexible as a ring bound planner! 

Having different inserts (those notebooks you add to the leather folder) allow you to add, remove and move around entire sections of your planner system quickly and easily. A lot easier than with rings where you need to be careful to keep the pages together so the holes stay lined up, and where it's not as easy to find the start and end of a section.

It's also a lot easier to sort what you have in your planner. You can have a different theme and/or purpose for each insert. If you want to thin down your planner for vacation, or just while running errands, you can remove any inserts that you won't be needing.

If you are new to TNs but not to planning, think of each section in your planner as it's own insert. And you aren't limited to only as many inserts as there are elastics in the spine. You can join 2 inserts with an elastic and add them both to the same elastic. You could have your planner in one insert, a memory planner in another. One insert could be for projects and another could house your doodles or notes. The possibilities are endless!


Traditionally TNs are leather, but there are so many options now that if you don't want to spend the cash or are against using leather you can find faux leather or fabric options. I would suggest searching around on Etsy or try the Carpe Diem traveler's notebooks, they are a great price and are absolutely gorgeous. Though I may be a bit biased as I'm on their Design Team!

In this week's video I take you through a few TNs to show you how they work and some of the different options you can have in the TNs themselves but also with the inserts.

This video from a couple of weeks ago shows you how I set up my newest TN, so have a peek at that as  well.