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3 Functional Ways to Use Your Pretty Planner Supplies

I'm sure that you have tonnes of supplies for your planner that are purely decorative, but what if you could use them to make your planner as functional as it is pretty?

Here are 3 tips to help you do just that!

  1. Planner Clips - Sure we all use them to mark a page or to make your pockets look cute, but why not use them as you are planning. During a planning session, you need to flip back and forth so often, especially towards the end or beginning of a month when you to go from one week to the next, you need to flip through all of the end of the month pages (like the monthly round up, the monthly spread and notes pages). It's a lot of hassle when you just want to see the next week! Adding a sturdy clips to hold all those pages together will make it a lot easier on yourself. 
    If you are looking for planner clips inspiration, pop over to my Planner Clips class at Big Picture Classes.

  2. Pompom Fringe bookmark - A couple of months ago, I shared on YouTube how you can add some pompom fringe to the edge of a page in your planner, a page that you need to reference on a regular basis. So take those pompoms that we usually add to our clips and charms and instead use some pompom trim and put those pompoms to work. Click here to watch the pompom fringe tutorial.

  3. Dashboard to Checklist - Sure dashboards and dividers already serve a purpose, but why not give them double duty by adding a daily or weekly checklist. Have your list with stickers and permanent pen but check them off with either pencil, repositiable stickers or a dry-erase pen.

You can see all these tips in action on my latest YouTube video, so grab your planner and go check that out!