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My Planning Essentials

After I take you through my planner essentials, I've got 5 questions that you can ask yourself to help you find your own planner essentials. So, stay tuned for that!

 If I was held at gunpoint and asked what my 5 favourite, can't-live-without planner essentials were, this is what they would be:

First I'd need a Traveler's Notebook.

I couldn't choose a favourite among my TN's, even with that gun to my head, so I'm glad that I don't have to and I can change TN's as my mood strikes. Usually though, I'll stay in one for a long time, changing most often with the seasons.

Next, I'd need the Commit30 printables.

The Commit30 planners have been working well for me for years and the printable version is my favourite. I love creating my own inserts. I can personalise them and for the moment, I prefer printing 2 months per insert. That way I can really slim down my TN if necessary, and only carrying around one insert. Though, I usually do have the current insert plus the previous one and the one coming up (if I'm on the ball and have it printed already!)

3rd is a nice sharp pencil.

I do most of my planning in pencil, I like to be able to erase. Oh wait! I guess that pencil I'm choosing at gun point will have to have an eraser on top! Otherwise I'd need a 6th thing, the eraser. Schedules change, so a pencil is an easy fix and I can easily rearrange my week if needed, especially if I fall behind early on.

4th is clips for me!

To mark a page, to clip a bunch of pages together for easy flipping as I plan, to simply look pretty, one little clip can do a lot. I love that they are very versatile, being both fun and functional. I have a entire class all about creating planner clips. Check it out here: Planner Clips.

Last is Washi!

I love to decorate, but if I'm only allowed one item, it would be washi, it comes in tonnes of different designs and colours so it makes it versatile and adaptable to any planner girls' style or even my mood of the day. I have a fantastic YouTube video with 21 ways to Use Washi, so if all you have in your stash is Washi, then you won't be stuck for ideas! 


Now, it's your turn! Everyone's planner essentials are different, whether you are just starting out or you simply want to go back to basics for a while. Ask yourself these 5 questions to determine your planner essentials:

  1. What is the first thing you grab when you sit down to plan? 
    This may be your planner, but maybe not. Maybe it's the latest sticker kit from your favourite Etsy shop, or your master to-do list.

  2. What is your go-to planner system? 
    Do you have inserts that you love or a specific way the your planning HAS to be done? Maybe you have a favourite pen that you HAVE to use every time, or a pack of coloured pens.

  3. What could you give up if you had to? 
    These items could be taken off of your essential list.

  4. What items are you constantly putting away?
    If you are putting it away a lot, that means that you are using it a lot and that it's important in your planning sessions.

  5. What is the first item that you would put out of reach if a rambunctious child or dog headed towards your planner things?
    Those are your favourites, your essentials.

Still not sure? Grab your planner and hit play on this week's YouTube video, maybe seeing my essentials may help you decide.



Fresh Starts and Sharp Pencils!

Did you know that every few weeks, I create a project and write a blog post for Simple Stories and Carpe Diem. Today, I'm going to share my latest project with you here:

School titleHappy September planner girls! I’m a planner lover and a school supply addict! September is such a fun time of year. That back to school season is fantastic with it’s fresh starts, sharp pencils and crisp new notebooks. It’s a time to set new goals or learn something new, even if you aren’t going back to school and you don’t have children going back either. 

School title 2I’ve used the School Rocks collection to decorate my TN to help me plan my month, week and day and to plan in those goals as well. This collection is perfect for us school or office supply addicts! First off, I decorated my goal page, this page has lots of space for lists (I’m addicted to lists too!) and notes. 

School goal pageThe lists are labelled for you but you can use the stickers from the Planner Basics Sticker Tablet to cover them with list titles that suit you best. I covered up ‘Notes’ with a pencil label sticker and added ‘September’ so that I can use the notes page as a general ideas and brainstorming place as I plan the month. The big pencil looks cute with the stack of pencils running down the side of the page.

School goal close upI got ambitious and fussy cut 7 paperclips and then 7 pushpins to use as my checklists. I find fussy cutting relaxing but if you don’t like it, you can use some of the small stickers from the Planner Basics tablet instead. 

School checklistOnto to the monthly spread. I mixed stickers from the September page of the Seasons Sticker Tablet and the Cardstock Stickers from the School Rocks collection.

School monthlyI don’t tend to write a lot in the monthly spread so I can afford to put the large, full stickers in my boxes. My six children go back to school on 3 different days (yes, that’s annoying, but it’s also allows me to focus more on each child on their special day) so I marked those with big stickers. I also marked the first day of autumn with a sticker. With the paper airplanes I mimicked the dashed trails from the paper airplane card from the cut apart paper. I used small round navy number stickers from the Number Sticker tablet for the days.

School monthly close upMoving on to the weekly spread, there were lots of ‘First Day of School’ stickers to choose from so I was able to use 2 in this spread.

School weeklyI combined stickers from the collection, the tablets and fussy cut bits from the papers to complete this page. I cut strips of patterned papers to trim the top and bottom of the pages.

School weekly close upFor the daily spread, I simply decorated around the edges of the pages, because I like lots of space to write, I try to keep my to-do list to a minimum each day, but I’ll use the space for notes and brainstorming too. 

School daily close upThe schedule side of the page however will be completely full! Lots to do in a day with 6 children going back to school!

School dailyIf you’d like to see how I made these pages, you can find a process video on my YouTube channel here: Plan With Me September 2018

Or hit play here:


 Are you addicted to school supplies? Do you love a fresh notebook? Then the School Rocks collection is perfect for you :D

School end

3 Functional Ways to Use Your Pretty Planner Supplies

I'm sure that you have tonnes of supplies for your planner that are purely decorative, but what if you could use them to make your planner as functional as it is pretty?

Here are 3 tips to help you do just that!

  1. Planner Clips - Sure we all use them to mark a page or to make your pockets look cute, but why not use them as you are planning. During a planning session, you need to flip back and forth so often, especially towards the end or beginning of a month when you to go from one week to the next, you need to flip through all of the end of the month pages (like the monthly round up, the monthly spread and notes pages). It's a lot of hassle when you just want to see the next week! Adding a sturdy clips to hold all those pages together will make it a lot easier on yourself. 
    If you are looking for planner clips inspiration, pop over to my Planner Clips class at Big Picture Classes.

  2. Pompom Fringe bookmark - A couple of months ago, I shared on YouTube how you can add some pompom fringe to the edge of a page in your planner, a page that you need to reference on a regular basis. So take those pompoms that we usually add to our clips and charms and instead use some pompom trim and put those pompoms to work. Click here to watch the pompom fringe tutorial.

  3. Dashboard to Checklist - Sure dashboards and dividers already serve a purpose, but why not give them double duty by adding a daily or weekly checklist. Have your list with stickers and permanent pen but check them off with either pencil, repositiable stickers or a dry-erase pen.

You can see all these tips in action on my latest YouTube video, so grab your planner and go check that out!