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How to Make Time for Yourself During the Busy Holidays

How a Mom of 6 Gets 'IT' All Done for Christmas

I've shown you the inside of my Christmas planner, and how I'm actually using it but I thought today, that I would actually show you what I'm doing to accomplish all the things that I do to prepare for Christmas on top of my regular daily tasks. It's a lot. We don't host a meal or even get a tree, but the list does include:

  • making 100 homemade Christmas cards
  • including a unique, creative family photo that I feel the need to outdo myself every year ;)
  • making my Nannie Jean's fruitcake
  • baking and decorating gingerbread wookiees with the children (not a typo)
  • baking mince pies and other Christmas treats
  • celebrating Saint Nicolas on Dec 6
  • attending the children's Saint Nicolas concert at the school 
  • shopping for my family, large extended family, friends, and teachers
  • decorating a gingerbread house
  • going to the Wanter Gala concert, our children are in the orchestra
  • international travel (seems more glamorous than it is, you can drive 20 mins in any direction and be in another country, but we are going to Tenerife, a 4 hour flight from here)
  • packing for 8 people to go on said trip

PLUS this year I decided that adding 25 videos to my to-do list and doing Vlogmas on YouTube was a good idea (insert eye-roll emoji here). But, I've done it and I have some fantastic videos for you! There are plan with me's each week leading up to Christmas where I decorate my spread on the Saturday and then plan the week on the Sunday. I'm showing you Christmas products from Simple Stories, how to use those dreaded, but oh-so-cute puffy stickers in your planner and I share my 2019 planner line-up! I'm even going to go LIVE every Thursday, so make sure you are there for that 10am EST.

What I'm most excited for, is my Plan Your 2019 series. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until Christmas I have a short video with a tip to help you plan your year. There's a quick, do-able action step to help you move forward towards 2019. I've broken it all down for you, so that these steps are easy and quick and you can fit them into your busy holiday schedule, and you will be ready to hit the ground running when January 1 comes. Your goals won't know what hit them and you will be knocking those goals out of the park! Click here for the playlist of the Plan Your 2019 episodes, it will be updated as each episode is posted. Subscribe here and click that notification bell next to the subscribe button, to make sure that you don't miss a thing. Grab your planner and hit play to get started:

If you need a little more help planning your Christmas this year then have a look at my Plan Your Christmas class at Big Picture Classes. You can even take it for FREE! Big Picture is giving away free month trial memberships with the code CARACHRISTMAS, hurry though, the code expires December 15, 2018.

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Pop over there now, grab all the printables and meet me back here. I'll wait... (cue upbeat, jingly Christmas music)


Got them? Awesome!

Now, grab your to-do list for Christmas, the printables from my free class and a nice cup of coffee (bonus points if you splash in a bit of Bailey's) then hit play on this video and we'll get you organised for Christmas. I'm going to walk you through the first step of planning your Christmas. Let's go!