How a Mom of 6 Gets 'IT' All Done for Christmas
December Daily Drop Out!

How to Make Time for Yourself During the Busy Holidays

Are you already starting to get a bit overwhelmed with your Christmas preparations? It can be exhausting when there's so much to do and one, big, non-negotiable deadline. It can be tough on us women, so we have to make sure to take care of ourselves.

I've got an advent calendar that I made for myself last year and this year I put in little notes to myself with small, enjoyable things for me to do everyday, including reading with some tea, sipping a cup of eggnog or doing some yoga. Today's was watching the latest episode of Outlander!


There's still 2 weeks until Christmas, that's 14 little activities that you can do. What activities would be on your notes to yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

Another restful thing I like to do during the holidays is get crafty!! Throughout the rest of the year, I don't always get around to decorating my planner, but I'm making an effort to take the time this month. You can see this week's spread in the video below and you can follow along as I planned out the week in the video HERE. So take some time for yourself now, make yourself a cosy drink and hit play. It's only about 2 minutes long.

There are lots of new videos on my YouTube channel this week, since I'm doing Vlogmas this month. You can see the slow progress of my Christmas cards and take bite-sized action steps towards planning the new year. So pop on over to my channel and spend some well deserved down time during this busy month.

Raising my cup of eggnog, here's to you!