Let's KonMari Your Craft Supplies!
Who Needs a Planner More Than Anyone Else?

How to Get Over Crafty Decluttering Roadblocks

I've been decluttering like a mad person, trying to konmari my entire craft space. Over all it's been going well, but I have hit some big roadblocks that made me want to hide under my covers with some good Belgian chocolate and binge watch old episodes of Outlander.

I stuck with it and in this week's video, I share how I overcame those bumps in the road so that the process can be a bit easier for you. It is a hard, overwhelming process, but I'm excited for my room to be decluttered once and for all.

I learned a lesson that I've heard so many times over from organising experts, but It never really sunk in for me until now. Make sure you stay tuned to the end of the video to find out what that lesson is!

Grab a bag for donations and declutter along with me as you watch.

Happy planning!