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Your Ultimate Guide to Planning and Decorating Your Planner

I have two fun videos this week to help you with your planning.

The first one will take you through the process of planning out your weekly activities so that you can get everything crossed off of your to do list PLUS tackle some of those tasks that you've been dreaming of completing. 

The second video concentrates on decorating, with 10 fantastic tips to make your decorating process foolproof everytime.

So grab a warm drink, your planner and your to-do list and hit play! 

Happy planning!

5 Things Every Planner Girl Needs to Know!

Whether you are brand new to the planner world or you've been addicted for years, I've got 5 tips for you today that I know will help you. 

In this week's video I walk you through setting up my TN for Spring and as I do, I explain 5 ways that you can maximise your planning and really make that planner work for you!

Isn't the Simple Stories Spring Farmhouse collection gorgeous?

Coming on Monday, I've got part 2 of this series and we go into the actual planner pages to plan a great life for you! Stay tuned!

Who Needs a Planner More Than Anyone Else?

What is the weather like where you are? I've been trying to send a message to Mother Nature that Spring is supposed to be starting in a couple of weeks but she's not getting the hint!

The girl needs to start using a PLANNER!

To get her attention I've set up a TN for Spring, the complete setup is coming on Monday, but here is a sneak peek for you. 

I lost my voice screaming too much. Two of my kids had hockey games this past weekend, so it's a silent video for once, without me rambling on at my usual breakneck speed.

Happy Planning!