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Finish Off 2019 with a Bang! 💥

As we round the corner into the last leg of 2019, I have a lot planned for you to make it an amazing year, but I also have tonnes of things lined up for 2020 to make it your best year ever. No "hindsight is 20/20", you are going to go into next year with foresight, a clear view and an action plan! So, keep an eye on my channel for those videos coming soon.

Let's do it!

Leading up to Christmas, I will have 5 videos throughout the fall that will help you have a peaceful Christmas season.


Make sure you are subscribed to my channel (you can do that HERE) and that you have the notification bell turned on, and 'all' selected.

This will make sure that you are getting notifications for all of the videos and you won't risk missing anything!

The first video in the PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS VIDEO SERIES has already gone up and if you've missed it, you can watch that here:

The purpose of this series is to help you start early so that you can reduce your stress levels and actually enjoy the season. By getting everything done ahead of time you allow yourself the time and energy to do all the activities that make you happy.

I've got a Fall Setup for you on my channel as well and a peek at all the new Simple Stories and Carpe Diem products for Fall and Winter.

So let's make the best of these last few months of the year, enjoying every moment and preparing and planning for 2020.