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Washi Ideas and Tips on Changing Out Inserts

Before we get into this week’s video, I wanted to tell you that I’ve got some fun things in the works! If you’ve been following me since the summer you may know that I'm hosting a Virtual Crafternoon Tea in November, pop your name and email into the tag at the end of this post to make sure you don't miss any of the details and also to get notified when the cart opens on Thursday.

OK so let’s dive into this week’s video. I’m back with even more washi tips and tricks for you. This time they all have to do with the function of using washi instead of decorative like my last two videos. Pop on over and watch this video now.  

If you haven’t seen the other washi videos, pop on over to this playlist and watch those too!

Last week I gave you some great tips and tricks on how to adapt planner inserts to fit the planner that you want to use, even if they weren’t made to fit in that planner. Check that out here: