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12 Days to Get You Ready for 2020

During the 12 days of Christmas, I've got 12 easy and do-able tasks for you to do each day so that you can go into 2020 with your best foot forward, ready to tackle your goals!

Resolutions are all well and good, but without a clear view and an action plan, it's hard to make them happen. With these 12 easy tasks you will be well on your way to achieving your goals in 2020. 

There will be no 'hindsight is 20/20,' this year is all about foresight!

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Download your free workbook here to record your 12 assignments.


Here's to you and your success for 2020!

Discover 4 ways to stay organised on Christmas Day!

Hi {!firstname_fix},
Before I share this week's video, I want to wish you and yours the most wonderful Christmas Day! Here's a peek at our Christmas card this year...
original design by Delia Creates
Christmas Day can be crazy and messy, but don't worry, I've got 4 tips help keep you and your home organised on Christmas Day.
Grab a hot chocolate with a candy cane in it and let's pop over and watch this week's video, so that you will have a peaceful, calm Christmas Day.

Planner Girl Gift Guide!

Whether you have a planner girl on your Christmas list this year or you want to slip ideas to your Santa, then I've got the gift guide for you!
Planner girl gift guide1. Notebook or TN insert

Every stationery addicts loves a new notebook! You just can't go wrong. This one is from Cath Kidston.

Cath Kidston Notebook


2. Planner Tote Bag

Planner girls need a place to put their planner on the go! Why not a stylish, yet practical tote bag. The one pictured is from Heidi Swapp.

Heidi Swapp Organisational Tote


4. Cutting Machine

Your favourite planner girl can not only cut her own stickers but this machine is so versatile. She'll be making T-shirts and wall decals and cutting everything in site. And this one is PINK! It's the Silhouette Cameo.

Silhouette Cameo 4


5. A Travel Mug

Planner meet-ups are always so much fun and usually there is tea and coffee. A washi themed travel mug is a perfect way to start up a conversation with a future planner friend. This is my washi design.

Washi Travel Mug


6. A Fountain Pen

There's no more elegant way to write than with a fountain pen. Why not pick one up for your planner friend for Christmas? Another option is a fancy felt pen or a ball point that you know writes really smoothly. 

Fountain Pen


7.  Date Stamp

Date stamps are so much fun, they add a whimsical touch to any planner. There are also decorative stamps that have a selection of phrases instead of the date.

Date Stamp


8. Planner Clips

There are so many types of clips that you are sure to find the perfect one for the planner girl on your list. Pompoms, binder, ribbon, bows or flowers, the choices are endless and you are sure to find something pretty.

Planner Clips on Etsy


9. Stickers!

I don't know one planner girl who doesn't like stickers! There is no shortage of sticker shops on Etsy so you are sure to find the style you are looking for. My favourites are Carpe Diem, their sticker books are so full of adorable images that are both practical and pretty!

Carpe Diem 'Seasons' sticker book


10. Pencil case

A great way to keep pens, pencils and small tools organised, pencil cases can be incredibly versatile. They come in many sizes and designs. This one is my washi design and it comes in 3 sizes.

Washi pencil case


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