Summer Planning FUN Inside!

Summer is here and that means less time inside to play with your planner!😢 I have a video coming up in a couple of weeks to help you with that but in the meantime I've got some quick summer planning for you. My YouTube channel is heaving with new videos for you to watch. I did an extra video a week the entire month of June so that means lots more video fun for you.

First this fun and oh so quick planner pouch tutorial. Attach a pouch to your planner so that you have everything you need to plan while you are on the go this summer. Make it up quickly, throw in your scissors, your favourites pens and as many rolls of washi that will fit. Put your planner in your bag and plan to your heart's content while your children slide and swing at the park.

Summer marks the year's half way point! Can you believe the year is half over? This video has got some great tips for reaching your 2019 goals. Take a few moments out for yourself and to slow down. Grab an icy drink and your planner and make plans for the rest of your year.

Summer memories are always the sweetest, aren't they? What have you got going on this Summer? What not record your memories in a TN insert, they make a wonderful memory keeper to look back on once the weather turns cold again.

Carpe Diem just released 4 brand NEW planners for Summer!! Watch this video today to see if any of them are a fit for you. There are two 17 month planners with an August start, a Budget planner and a Home planner. They are GORGEOUS!!


Your Planning Secret Weapon! 🤫 Become More Productive Today

Before I get into this week's video I want to remind you of the Crafternoon Tea event in Edinburgh! Time is getting short and registration will be closing soon. Click on the photo and I will see you in Edinburgh!
Now, on to that video!! I am sharing one of my favourite planning secret weapons to keep you organised and productive. Plus! We'll be setting up some spreads for June! Grab your planner and your favourite stickers and hit play.

Happy Planning!

Fast and Easy DIY Planner Accessories You Can Make Today!

Before I get into this week's video I wanted to mention that if you were planning to come to the Crafternoon Tea event in Edinburgh and were going to choose the VIP option then you better hurry as there are only a few spots left! 

What you get: delicious afternoon tea with sandwiches and sweets, a planner workshop, a goodie bag full of Carpe Diem product as well as others surprises, plus a bonus goodie bag (I may or may not have just ordered some washi mugs!), a planner talk, time with me and a glass of champagne. What are you waiting for?

Click on the photo and I will see you in Edinburgh!


Now, on to that video!! Carpe Diem has the fabulous cut apart sheets that make planner bookmarks and washi sample cards super easy to make. Of course you can use any paper you have on hand! Switch on your laminator, grab your favourite paper and hit play.


Easy DIY Customised Inserts

Make your life easier with traveler's notebook inserts that suit your needs perfectly! Sometimes you don't need an entire insert full of monthly spreads, right?!? In this week's video, you'll learn how to mix and match to customise an insert that fits your current needs and will keep you organised.

Grab your favourite inserts and an eraser (yes, an eraser!) and hit play on the video:

PS. Don't forget about my Crafternoon Tea planner event in Edinburgh! Spots are filling up so don't miss it. Take some time for you and spoil yourself with this elegant afternoon spent with planner friend and planner goodies! Click here for more information:


Cheerful Project Planner | Traveler's Notebook Setup

When you have a big project to tackle, a great way to keep you on track and motivate you and complete all those tasks inolved is to setup a planner that makes you smile. In this week's video, I've used the colourful Oh Happy Day! collection from Simple Stories. These are my happy colours and their bright tones really put a smile on my face. I'm in a TN but you can use these products in any planner you'd like. Grab it and your favourite drink and hit play!

Next week, I'll take you through the process of setting up a custom insert to completely suit your needs as you plan any special project, so don't forget to subscribe.

Click here for more information on the Crafternoon Tea events!


Click-to-joinHappy planning!

Planner Sticker Do's and Don'ts

Do you ever struggle to get your stickers to look good in your planner? Is there something that's just not right that you can't figure out?

I've got some great tips in this week's video to help you make your stickers look fantastic every time. I use Carpe Diem stickers in the examples, but these tips will work with any sticker.

Grab your favourite sticker sheet and a nice drink and hit PLAY to watch the do's and don'ts:

Can Game of Thrones Help You Build New Habits?

Watching Game of Thrones or any of your favourite shows can actually help you create and keep habits as well as motivate you to work towards your goals!

Don't believe me? Don't worry you don't need a dragon or a hall of faces. Maybe a kill list like Arya's could come in handy, but it's a lists of goals to kill, not people!

Grab your planner and your goal kill list and hit play to find out how your favourite show can help you with your goals and habits.


Custom DIY Pen Loop Tutorial

Do you have a pen or pencil that you absolutely love using in your planner but either don't have a pen loop for it or it's too big or too small? Or maybe you simply want to make your pen loop match your planner setup.

Grab that favourite pen, a binder clip and some washi that matches your current setup and hit play on this video to make your very own pretty pen loop!


How to Create an Orphan Sock Planner


I've got a project today that is very close to my heart. If you don’t already know, I have 6 children. And you know what that means… lots of children, LOTS of odd socks! I’ve really tried to control this problem but it’s just too big and I have too many mateless socks. It has simply got out of control! So what is a planner girl to do? Set up a new planner, of course!!


I feel like I am constantly in that scene of Monster’s Inc, where a monster comes out of a door with a sock stuck to his back and someone starts screaming '23-19! We have a 23-19!’ 


This orphaned sock thing is a huge problem in my house and I’m determined to make it top priority in my life. I am going to dedicate this entire planner to keeping track of all the single socks in my house. I wanted to make this planner really special, to really make it stand out amount the others in my planning system and that’s why I chose the Typewriter Floral Traveler's Notebook and my absolute favourite collection, Hello which matches perfectly with the Simple Stories I Am… collection. It was really surprising to me that there are no sock stickers in any of the the Carpe Diem sticker tablets. I can’t be the only one who wants to set up a sock planner, right? Luckily there are quite a few cute laundry basket ones.


I love to decorate the pockets of my TNs and this one was no exception, lots of butterflies and flowers and that oh-so-adorable sneaker!! Sneakers go on over socks so I thought it was completely fitting. I also added some washi wrapped around a card to have on hand while I plan for my odd socks.

I decorated the covers of the inserts (seen above) so that they inspire me in this big project that I’m undertaking. If I’m going to tackle these socks, I’ll need the motivation!

I think the most important part of this planner is the odd sock tracker. I’m going to catalogue each of the odd socks as they come out of the dryer and when I see an odd sock around the house (under the couch, in the front closet, or in the bottom of a hockey bag) I’m going to track it using the fab little stickers from the Calendar sticker tablet. Aren’t those little laundry baskets darling? 


This challenge is probably going to be a busy one (so many odd socks), so I've chosen to do daily spreads for this month. I’ve decorated this first spread with some gorgeous stickers from the Hello Sticker tablet and the 4x6 stickers from the I Am… collection. There’s lots of room for me to plan out my sock hunts and mateless sock tracking.

Since today is the first day of a new month, I think it’s the best day to start this ambitious project. Wish me luck!

Grab some odd socks and your planner and hit play to watch my process video for this planner setup:


Your Ultimate Guide to Planning and Decorating Your Planner

I have two fun videos this week to help you with your planning.

The first one will take you through the process of planning out your weekly activities so that you can get everything crossed off of your to do list PLUS tackle some of those tasks that you've been dreaming of completing. 

The second video concentrates on decorating, with 10 fantastic tips to make your decorating process foolproof everytime.

So grab a warm drink, your planner and your to-do list and hit play! 

Happy planning!